Briquettes by flatbed truck

Select how many pallets you want and we will deliver by flatbed truck. Delivery within five to ten working days.

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Briquettes in containers

When you purchase briquettes in containers you can also use the container as a clever storage solution.

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4 advantages of our briquettes

  1. 100 % Renewable

    Briquettes are a completely renewable source of energy that do not contribute to an increase in atmospheric carbon dioxide.

  2. Fast delivery.

    Delivery within five to ten working days depending on delivery volume and season.

  3. 100 % guarantee.

    Thanks to our seven factories, we can always guarantee you 100% storage, wherever you live between Ystad and Sundsvall.

  4. Easy to order.

    If you are a business customer and wish to order briquettes, call customer service on +46 20  418 419.

Our briquettes

  • Properties Swedish standard
  • Diameter 60–75 mm
  • Volume weight ≥ 550 kg/m³
  • Energy content ≥ 4,5 MWh/ton
  • Ash content ≤ 1.5 weight percent
  • Moisture content approx. 12 weight percent

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