This is how the level watcher works

Our level watcher has full monitoring coverage and takes care of ordering, requests and delivery, without you needing to do anything. Through the web based service you can see the current level, statistics and prognoses as well as whether a delivery is en route.

The pellets in the silo start to run out. The Level sensor notices immediately and sends a signal…

… to order reception. The information is registered here and contact …

… is made with the haulier, who immediately goes and fills the silo with pellets.

During that time operations have continued as normal and no one notices anything. Easy isn't it?

3 advantages

  1. Safe

    Staff never have to worry about pellets running out. We take full responsibility to ensure that you always have pellets in your store.

  2. Economic

    You save in staff costs, avoid expensive emergency deliveries and extra costs for backup fuel.

  3. Flexible

    The level sensor is web based and can be managed from home, the factory or via mobile phone. You decide based on what suits you and your operations best.

We no longer need to calculate and plan fuel deliveries, especially around public bank holidays and vacation periods. It feels reassuring. Bengt Nilsson, Kvänum Energi.

Easy to use and install

The level watcher is an innovation from Scandbio that is installed on pellet silos for our business customers. The level watcher measures the pellet level using ultrasound or radar and automatically sends the information on to the web based service. Readings are taken several times a day. The aim of the readings is to establish a prognosis that will meet the future requirements based on the time of year and temperature. In addition, the system also contains a calendar where we can communicate about events, such as snow clearing and planned shutdowns. All delivery notes are saved in a calendar. And through them both parties can always have up to date information about the silo. The calendar can also be used to see previous deliveries, collated deliveries each month and storage amounts at the end of the month.

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