This is Scandbio

Scandbio produces and sells solid processed wood fuels. We supply industries, municipalities and national businesses, local contractors and individual homeowners with 100% renewable energy. Sustainable, economical and reliable.

Our main market is Sweden, but we operate around the whole Baltic Sea. We have approx. 160 skilled employees in 7 plants in Sweden and 1 in Latvia. Together we produce and sell around 650,000 tonnes of bio-fuels annually, with a turnover of approximately MSEK 1000. All our operations are characterised by responsibility for people and the environment in future generations.

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The energy of life

Bioenergy creates life, and wellbeing and produces heat. Without it, nothing can thrive, grow or even be. Scandbio sells 100 % renewable energy from responsibly managed Swedish forests. When our wood fuels are burned, the equivalent amount of carbon dioxide that the tree absorbed during its growth is released. The same amount of carbon dioxide is then absorbed again when a new tree grows. Good for the environment. Good for future generations. Good for you.

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We promise more than pellets

With Scandbio you can feel secure as a customer. We promise reliable delivery of products with consistent high quality. We will never compromise the sustainability of ecosystems, environment, factories, production or business. We are always to hand when you need us and we promise to be proactive and try to anticipate things that will happen rather than react when they occur.

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