Natural energy since 1982

What is natural energy? For us the answer is easy. We only produce wood fuel that is part of the natural cycle and that does not negatively affect the future of the environment. Everything is based on a 100 % renewable energy source and is how we have worked since the beginning in 1982.

But for us natural energy is not just about the products. We take great responsibility for the environment through our certifications and since 2009 we have reduced CO2 emissions in the transportation of finished products by 46%. We demand that our hauliers use environmentally friendly fuels and the machines that we use in our factories run on environmentally friendly fuel.

4 of our advantages

As Scandinavia's largest wood fuel company, we are a very competitive company. But just because we are biggest, it does not mean that we won't stop working to meet customer demands and tackle future challenges.

  1. 100 % renewable.

    Wood fuel is a renewable energy source that produces heat and creates wellbeing. Pellets are a form of wood fuel that we obtain from the plant kingdom by compressing waste products from the forestry and saw mill industries, such as shavings and different types of sawdust. Previously, these waste products were expensive to dispose of, but we soon realised that they could be used to produce heat and electricity. We purchase raw materials from responsible suppliers who ensure sustainability and are certified. Good for the environment. Good for future generations. Good for you.

  2. Fast delivery.

    Delivery within five to ten working days, whatever you order from us between 1st October and 30th April. Delivery is within ten days for other dates.

  3. 100 % guarantee.

    Thanks to our seven factories, we can always guarantee you 100% storage, wherever you are between Ystad and Sundsvall.

  4. 400 retailers.

    If you would like to make a purchase through a retailer rather than here on the website, you have over 400 to choose from.

Recommended by chimney sweeps

Sveriges Skorstensfejarmästares Riksförbund (the Swedish Master Chimney Sweeps Association) recommends our pellets to their customers. This is because the quality is unusually high and consistent, which is good both for the person using them for firing and for all the chimney sweeps who safeguard the efficiency of the heating systems and the safety of the house.

No smoke – just fire.

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