Bedding Pellets

Soft and easily mucked out bedding pellets with high absorbency for horse boxes and other animals in similar stabling environments. Made from Swedish shavings, primarily from pine, and with no additives. Much less dust than many other types of bedding. Ordered in our web shop and purchased in small bags of 14 kg with delivery within five days if ordered between 1st Oct and 30th April.

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How to use bedding pellets

  1. Distribute

    Distribute 6–8 bags of BEDDING PELLETS in a clean box (approx. 10 m2).

  2. Water

    Water the pellets so that they swell and crumble. Use approx. 4–10 litres of water per bag and use warm water for the pellets to crumble faster.

    Tip: Watering directly into the bag results in a more even pellet crumble, less water consumption and a drier bed.

  3. Spread out

    Use a pitch-fork to spread the pellets, which have now become sawdust, in the box and water more as necessary.

  4. Easily mucked out

    After mucking out – add new BEDDING PELLETS if required and water depending on how damp the bedding is. Normal usage is 0.5–2 bags per week.


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